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Your Premier Utah Managed I.T. Company who specializes in I.T. Support, Computer Repair, & Cyber Security Services 

Welcome To
Red Rock I.T.

Committed to excellence


You deserve the best in computer hardware so either have us build a custom PC for you to exceed your expectations. We can also set you up a new Dell laptops specifically for your needs at a great price.

High Quality Custom PC's / Dell Laptops


Our team can provide top-class support for your hardware and software problems at a competitive rate.

Computer  Repair and Software Support 


We will replace and maintain your old hardware (router and switch) with modern reliable network hardware.

Network Setup and Maintenance


Why spend your time patching your computers when we can automatically run those patches when you aren't using your computer. Don't take chances with out-of-date OS and application patches.

Automatic Patch Updates


You can have first in class EDR to protect your valuable data. Don't take any chances with ransomware or malware. 

Cybersecurity (SentinelOne) / HIPAA Compliant / NIST


It's your data but things happen. Our team will set you up with a cloud-based clone of your data.

Data backups


You may already have voice over Internet phones but why not have the best along with great support.



The cost to have copper landlines is skyrocketing. We can replace those lines with modern wireless systems at a much lower cost.

POT Replacement


RedRock IT Solutions

About our Business


A passion for solving problems with technology is what drives us at RedRock IT. As a fast-growing and highly reviewed IT company and support team in the larger Salt Lake City area, we are dedicated to helping business owners across Utah eliminate IT issues and optimize the way they work. After all, your investments in IT aren’t just about doing business...they’re about doing business better.

We solve about IT issues, so you don't have to. This includes critical factors like cloud computing, managed security services, data storage, and disaster recovery. The in-house team at RedRock IT anticipates issues and fixes them before they become a problem for your business. Our managed service provider (msp) support will ensure that your business functions at a higher level.


RedRock IT can help your business overcome its challenges with technology, but we’re not just a help desk or a computer repair shop. Our support team proactively prevents technology problems. Our monthly support plans deliver IT systems that can be used as a competitive advantage no matter the industry. Our managed IT services also offer technology infrastructure consulting experience and customer service that is amazing. ​

Customers love RedRock IT because our IT support team doesn’t just fix their IT issues, we prevent them - and we do it quickly, thoroughly, and cost-effectively. We pride ourselves on delivering 5-Star Service that puts customers first.

How We Work


Ready to end your IT challenges and get more from your IT? Tell us where you want to take your business. We’ll build a solution to get you there.

​REDROCK IT's Managed IT Services Provide:

  • No-hassle service and support and lightning-fast response times

  • Remote monitoring and maintenance plus on-site support

  • Flexible IT Support for your remote workforce

  • NO limits on service calls - NO hidden fees - NO surprises

  • Monthly Service Plans, Hourly Rates, even Drop-Off Repair!

  • Strategic IT consulting including solution design, installation, and maintenance

How We Work


Why Choose REDROCK IT?


1. Expertise

2. Proactive 

3. Personalized 

  • Our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable.

  • We focus on specialized knowledge: Software, hardware and cybersecurity.

  • We have plenty of testimonials from satisfied clients we can share.

  • We can set up and monitor your backups, auto patch updates, and hardware aging.

  • We proactively monitor client systems for potential issues.

  • We offer additional services: Microsoft OS and Office, VOIP, and more.

  • Guaranteed fast response times: We offer business hours support and rapid issue resolution.

  • Focused on clear communication: We provide regular updates and explain technical issues in layman's terms.

  • Build relationships with clients: We offer dedicated account managers or personalized support plans.

Client Comes First


RedRock IT works with small and medium-sized businesses all over Utah, including some of the St George and many rural area leading companies and organizations. We help our clients get more from their technology so they can do business better.


The difference we make for our clients is in our approach. We don’t just help clients fix problems as they arise. We deliver predictable, cost-effective solutions that help clients do business more efficiently and with fewer disruptions. We help businesses adapt to change and thrive in any business environment by supporting remote workers, staying compliant, and preventing IT problems that stand in the way of their success. 


Ready to transform your business’ approach to technology and become more profitable and productive? Find out why RedRock IT is the experienced Utah IT service provider more local businesses choose to help them solve and prevent their IT problems and stay ahead of challenges.


We think you’ll love our 5-Star Service too! Contact us today.

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